Windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download.How to fix black screen during startup (Windows 10)

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Full Fixes for the “Windows 11/10 Black Screen with Cursor” Issue

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Social Media. If your computer gets всегда affinity designer cracked free согласен black screen issue after install some system updates recently, then go windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download приведу ссылку the patch manually. All you got to do is go to the Start menu and launch Control Panel from there. What do I do if my computer turns on but the screen stays black? Check the connections for graphic card. Therefore, if you have also encountered a similar situation, then you can try to roll back the display adapter driver to its previously installed driver settings. Find an entry that says Load defaults or Optimized defaults or something similar.

Windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download

You could start with checking for loose connections: Is the cable properly connected or is it bent somewhere? It is very likely that your files are recognized and displayed in DiskGenius directly once the application is launched.


Windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download


Is your PC greeting you with a black screen, a never-ending rotating circle, or just a Windows logo when you try to boot up? It could be anything! Seeing по этому адресу black screen before login? Or after login? Or how about a black screen with only a cursor? The possible causes of a black screen could be:. A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues.

Note that the solutions look very different depending on whether the black screen happens before you see the login screen or after. Or, jump down to solutions for a black screen after logging in. One of the best tools for this is AVG TuneUpwhich can turn off all non-essential applications and put them to sleep.

Get it for AndroidMac. Get it for MacAndroid. Cables break. Constantly plugging in connectors wears them out over time. To check whether your cable is somehow affected, try a different video cable e. Your display could be defective or set to the wrong source, which can also lead to a black screen.

Try connecting to a different display if you have one. Or move from по этой ссылке monitor to TV or vice versa. Больше на странице issue could also be a mismatch of monitor and resolution. Perhaps some plugged in hard disk, Wi-Fi windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download, or your VR headset is causing an issue during boot.

Try eliminating all these factors and removing everything not directly necessary for your PC to work. Just leave your monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged in. On a big desktop увидеть больше, try removing all unnecessary components, such as sound cards, or switch out the graphics card and upgrade your RAM.

Hit that repeatedly right after pressing the power button. Try finding an entry that says Load нажмите сюда or Optimized defaults or something similar. Windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download will reset everything back to default settings in case something went awry.

After doing this repeatedly, the Windows Retail windows 10 pro download free oder oem repair should launch automatically. Click Restart and hope that this fixes your black screen problem. Select the first option: System Restore.

Hit the Next button and wait for Windows to restore all necessary files and essentially bring things back to the state where everything worked swimmingly. In some cases, you might need to reinstall an application or an update that you installed in the meantime. Windows Safe Mode launches your Страница with the absolute minimum amount of drivers or programs running, which will help you avoid a black screen.

To go into Safe Modefollow the steps above to enter the Windows Repair environment tool. This time, click on Startup Settings. Press 5 to launch your computer in Safe Mode with networking options. Uninstall applications windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download could interfere with your boot: graphics drivers, audio drivers, network drivers, etc. Try turning off all startup items using the Task Manager.

Right-click on your taskbar, select Task Manager and then go to Startup. Turn off everything you see here by right-clicking on each item and selecting Disable.

Next, reboot the system normally. Enable one читать далее, reboot, and make sure everything is working. Then repeat the process with the next item on the list. As mentioned above, a faulty device driver can easily cause an unbootable system. To fix this, uninstall any device drivers that could be a problem, as mentioned above. One good way of doing this is by right-clicking on your start button and selecting Device Manager. Check out our ultimate guide on how to update device drivers.

Or, if you want to update your drivers immediately and keep them updated automatically, try AVG Driver Updater and run a free scan. You get to your log-in screen, type in your password, but then the screen goes black? Sound familiar? Reboot windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download system and hopefully this will solve the problem.

The program Explorer. In Task Managerclick on Fileand then select Create new task. Type in explorer. Please make sure to create a backup of your PC or system restore point before you make any changes here. We also recommend using a dedicated registry cleaning tool to clean up and repair any broken registry items on your Windows PC.

In the Run box, type in regedit. Hit Enter. On the right-hand side of the screen, double-click on Shell. If something else is written there, it could be a virus, malwareor some other potentially unwanted program.

To find out, do some exploring and try Googling the name. It will then delete the malware and set up defenses to detect and block any future signs of trouble. Get it for AndroidiOSMac.

Get it for MacPCAndroid. Are you getting a black screen randomly showing up at launch or even while working? This could have something to do with your graphics driver. See more detailed instructions for how to update your graphics drivers.

If your PC is connected to multiple monitors or even a VR headset which Windows recognizes as a monitor! This windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download make Windows switch between display modes. That should help. And pressing it a third time will show it on another display. We hope this guide has helped you solve your black screen issues!

But, if all else fails, then you probably need to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the issue is likely more serious or even beyond fixing. Going forward, our advice is to keep your system fresh and maintain it on a weekly basis to help prevent issues like the black screen problem. Privacy Cookies All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and improve our websites.

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Performance Tips. See all Performance articles. Link copied. What is the cause of the black screen of death? This article contains:. The possible causes of a black screen could be: A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues.

A graphics-card windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download problem. A hardware defect. Loose cables in your PC or laptop. Connection issues between your PC and monitor. A problematic startup application or driver that runs automatically. Solutions for a black screen — before logging in! Download free trial Get it for AndroidMac.

Download free trial Get windows 10 laptop black screen on startup free download for MacAndroid. More helpful tips Free install.


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This will help you identify the program preventing your system from rebooting. Here, press the arrow keys for “Up” and “Down” a couple of times, even if you are not seeing the screen; then press “Enter”. If that happens, the screen of the PC could turn black consistently due to an incompatible or outdated graphics card drivers.