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The steps for installing a new instance are almost the same as the steps for installing the SQL Server in a system where no other versions of SQL Server are present. Where applicable, the difference s will be highlighted in this document. The next step is installing SQL Server In a standalone environment, you have to perform these steps on the workstation where you work with Exact Globe Next.

Once a query plan is generated for a query, it is temporarily cached. For further invocations of the same query, the cached plan is used. Unused plans are discarded after some time. SQL Server also allows stored procedures to be defined. Stored procedures are parameterized T-SQL queries, that are stored in the server itself and not issued by the client application as is the case with general queries. Stored procedures can accept values sent by the client as input parameters, and send back results as output parameters.

They can call defined functions, and other stored procedures, including the same stored procedure up to a set number of times. They can be selectively provided access to. Unlike other queries, stored procedures have an associated name, which is used at runtime to resolve into the actual queries. Also because the code need not be sent from the client every time as it can be accessed by name , it reduces network traffic and somewhat improves performance.

It exposes keywords for the operations that can be performed on SQL Server, including creating and altering database schemas, entering and editing data in the database as well as monitoring and managing the server itself. Client applications that consume data or manage the server will leverage SQL Server functionality by sending T-SQL queries and statements which are then processed by the server and results or errors returned to the client application.

For this it exposes read-only tables from which server statistics can be read. Management functionality is exposed via system-defined stored procedures which can be invoked from T-SQL queries to perform the management operation. Linked servers allow a single query to process operations performed on multiple servers.

It natively implements support for the SQL Server features including the Tabular Data Stream implementation, support for mirrored SQL Server databases, full support for all data types supported by SQL Server, asynchronous operations, query notifications, encryption support, as well as receiving multiple result sets in a single database session. NET Framework. Unlike most other applications that use. NET Framework runtime , i. SQLOS provides deadlock detection and resolution services for.

NET code as well. Managed code can also be used to define UDT’s user defined types , which can persist in the database. Managed code is compiled to CLI assemblies and after being verified for type safety , registered at the database.

After that, they can be invoked like any other procedure. Most APIs relating to user interface functionality are not available. However, doing that creates a new database session, different from the one in which the code is executing.

NET provider that allows the connection to be redirected to the same session which already hosts the running code. Such connections are called context connections and are set by setting context connection parameter to true in the connection string. NET API, including classes to work with tabular data or a single row of data as well as classes to work with internal metadata about the data stored in the database.

SQL Server also includes an assortment of add-on services. While these are not essential for the operation of the database system, they provide value added services on top of the core database management system. The SQL Server Machine Learning services operates within the SQL server instance, allowing people to do machine learning and data analytics without having to send data across the network or be limited by the memory of their own computers.

The services come with Microsoft’s R and Python distributions that contain commonly used packages for data science, along with some proprietary packages e. Analysts can either configure their client machine to connect to a remote SQL server and push the script executions to it, or they can run a R or Python scripts as an external script inside a T-SQL query.

The trained machine learning model can be stored inside a database and used for scoring. Used inside an instance, programming environment. The Service Broker, which runs as a part of the database engine, provides a reliable messaging and message queuing platform for SQL Server applications. Service broker services consists of the following parts: [36].

The message type defines the data format used for the message. This can be an XML object, plain text or binary data, as well as a null message body for notifications. The contract defines which messages are used in an conversation between services and who can put messages in the queue. The queue acts as storage provider for the messages.

They are internally implemented as tables by SQL Server, but don’t support insert, update, or delete functionality. The service program receives and processes service broker messages. Usually the service program is implemented as stored procedure or CLR application. Routes are network addresses where the service broker is located on the network.

Also, service broker supports security features like network authentication using NTLM , Kerberos , or authorization certificates , integrity checking, and message encryption. SQL Server Replication Services are used by SQL Server to replicate and synchronize database objects, either in entirety or a subset of the objects present, across replication agents, which might be other database servers across the network, or database caches on the client side.

SQL Server supports three different types of replication: [37]. Analysis Services includes various algorithms— Decision trees , clustering algorithm, Naive Bayes algorithm, time series analysis, sequence clustering algorithm, linear and logistic regression analysis, and neural networks —for use in data mining.

It is administered via a web interface. Reporting services features a web services interface to support the development of custom reporting applications. Reports are created as RDL files. A subscriber registers for a specific event or transaction which is registered on the database server as a trigger ; when the event occurs, Notification Services can use one of three methods to send a message to the subscriber informing about the occurrence of the event.

The full text search index can be created on any column with character based text data. It allows for words to be searched for in the text columns. Full allows for inexact matching of the source string, indicated by a Rank value which can range from 0 to —a higher rank means a more accurate match.

It also allows linguistic matching “inflectional search” , i. Proximity searches are also supported, i. These processes interact with the SQL Server. The Search process includes the indexer that creates the full text indexes and the full text query processor. The indexer scans through text columns in the database. It can also index through binary columns, and use iFilters to extract meaningful text from the binary blob for example, when a Microsoft Word document is stored as an unstructured binary file in a database.

The iFilters are hosted by the Filter Daemon process. Once the text is extracted, the Filter Daemon process breaks it up into a sequence of words and hands it over to the indexer. The indexer filters out noise words , i. With the remaining words, an inverted index is created, associating each word with the columns they were found in. SQL Server itself includes a Gatherer component that monitors changes to tables and invokes the indexer in case of updates.

The FTS query processor breaks up the query into the constituent words, filters out the noise words, and uses an inbuilt thesaurus to find out the linguistic variants for each word. The words are then queried against the inverted index and a rank of their accurateness is computed.

The results are returned to the client via the SQL Server process. It allows SQL queries to be written and executed from the command prompt. It can also act as a scripting language to create and run a set of SQL statements as a script.

Such scripts are stored as a. After that, the following window will open:. This is the primary installation screen and the other SQL tools installation can be started here as well. To proceed with the installation, read the license terms and then check the I accept the license terms checkbox. After checking the I accept the license terms , the Next button can be clicked to proceed. The next step is the Global Rules. Which rules are those in some extent depends on which operating system you are installing to but usually include the following: Whether the logged-in user is a system administrator with appropriate privileges a must be Whether there are any reboots pending from other installers Whether required.

If all the rules are passed, the Global Rules step will be processed and skipped automatically. Most of the known issues are elaborated with solutions and workarounds on the Microsoft forum. The next step of the setup is the Microsoft Update. Once checked this option gives the opportunity to download the update and incorporate it with the installation.

This action will take some time, as those updates need to be downloaded as well. Install Setup Files and Install Rules steps are automatically processed. However, the Install Rules is yet another step where the setup wizard is checking if certain software requirements are met: Need for reboot in order for changes to apply Whether there are some previous releases of SQL Server Validation of SQL Server registry keys Whether the computer is a domain controller Security settings.

One rule that will almost certainly throw a warning is Window Firewall.


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Have you ever needed to upgrade or downgrade the SQL Server edition you already installed? Maybe you currently have Enterprise Edition and have discovered that you can save money on licensing if you downgrade to Standard Edition. These steps will walk through both scenarios of upgrading or downgrading the edition and demonstrate how to complete either option. We will walk through the steps to complete this action. The downgrade operation is a bit more complicated and requires some backups and uninstallations.

Locate the Setup. View the properties of the SQL Server instance. This section is going to depend on how comfortable you are restoring the SQL Server master database. However, just like “never shrink your data files”, there are circumstances when such an action is warranted. The following steps show how to downgrade the SQL Server edition while still maintaining the information in your master database. First, perform a full database backup of the master database using a command similar to the below or using SSMS.

The next set of steps will sound aggressive, but they are necessary and safe. The uninstallation of SQL Server will now be executed on the server. Apply all the SQL Server patches required to get to the same patch version as your Enterprise before the uninstallation. Use the backup taken earlier of the master database from the Enterprise Edition version in your restore command as follows. The opposite has been achieved by taking steps of Downgrading Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition without losing any of your system-level settings.

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I like your option. There are a lot of DBA’s that do not have a lot of exposure to those troubleshooting techniques. So I used this opportunity to give a little more exposure to those less used methods.


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Blt Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs. SQL Server Management Studio will be installed in default directory on system partition, but below the Features field it can be altered in which directory you want these shared components installed as shown in image above. SQL Server also allows stored procedures to приведу ссылку defined. For the initial launch, it may take up to 20 minutes to launch.