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QXP 9/10 installation or reactivation help – Quark Forums – 2012年07月10日

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Post by Matthias Guenther Quark » 24 Aug , Quark have been around for a long time and back in the 90s they were the king of Desktop Publishing DTP software albeit they were a nightmare company to deal with and they abused their users in so many ways.



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Quarkxpress 9.5 serial number free. Quark Forums


Post by kenken22 » 23 Aug , Post by Matthias Guenther Quark » 24 Aug , Post by firelight » 27 Sep , Post by Matthias Guenther Quark » 27 Sep , Quark Forums This is a forum where users and experts on Quark software can exchange ideas and discuss solutions. Skip to content. Quick links. For Digital Publishing functionality please refer to forums in the ” Digital Publishing ” group. As QuarkXPress 1 thru 10 are not supported by Quark anymore, please upgrade to a newer version of QuarkXPress if you are looking for official support.

This is now my backup computer. I could probably use QXP 10 installed on it but am more familiar with v. I tried to install QXP 10 on the new laptop and got a message about installation failure. I think v. Can I install both v. I need some version on the MacBook Pro soon and would prefer v. Do I need to buy a support incident to get this straightened out? Some info points: “Void” means that you cannot use that license anymore to upgrade as you already used it to buy an upgrade Quark doesn’t disable serial numbers, so you can use your license as long as you want and as long as you have an environment where they run on On older versions there’s no support technical available anymore.

We do still help with activation issues for versions that have reached their end of live, which currently is QuarkXPress 9 down to version 5. However you need to purchase a single support ticket.

For versions that are supported currently version 10, and there’s no fee for activation issues. Since version 7 you can deactivate a license on your computer yourself, using a menu in QuarkXPress and then activate it on another machine. Since version 7 we offer dual-activation, cross platform, so you can activate each license on two machines.

So if you are trying to run an unsupported combination of QuarkXPress and operating system, you are on your own as we didn’t test that.

And it might work or might not work. Workaround: Keep the old machine or virtualize the operating system. Quark clearly don’t know what they are doing the Sales Director and support staff have “no clue” and all the time they are missing a clear opportunity to take sales and users away from Adobe InDesign.

This debacle has left us sitting between a rock Adobe subscription and a hard place Quark’s ridiculous systems and useless tech support. Based on this experience we definitely won’t be telling our clients to move from InDesign to QuarkXPress and that’s many, many potential licenses Quark just lost.

Now we need to start looking at other alternatives. Do you have any suggestions? Unfortunately in our long experience of Quark and after all this time I don’t believe Quark will change. They’ll keep taking the money and screwing the customers. Tweets by macstrategy via fetchrss. The QuarkXPress 9 Saga by Graham Needham BH on 1st June Quark have been around for a long time and back in the 90s they were the king of Desktop Publishing DTP software albeit they were a nightmare company to deal with and they abused their users in so many ways.

We should be using Quark in a minute or two now. We can’t wait to take a look at it compared to InDesign. What are all these codes? This is finally accepted!!! But then the web site tells us that it’s an upgrade and we need to enter our original older version serial number. We try to enter that but it doesn’t work. So we opt to call the London number. There’s no answer and it goes straight to voicemail – WTF? We leave a voicemail message explaining our situation.

So we call the other number and go through the usual press 6 then 6 then 6 to sell your soul to the devil and speak to a human We finally get a human on the other end of the telephone line support guy 1 but they barely speak English and they have difficulty understanding us are we actually in hell?

Did we actually just sell our soul to the devil? We ask to speak to someone who speaks and understands English and they say that’s not possible. We try and get an activation code from them but take 20 minutes just trying to spell our name, company name and email address to them maybe all this is deliberate? Anyway, we quickly ask support guy 1 on the other telephone to please hold while we speak to their Sales Director. After a few minutes speaking to the Sales Director support guy 1 just hangs up.