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Vezi mai mult. Stoc epuizat. Contul meu. Cosul meu. Produse deschide megameniul. Cod produs: a Share. Vezi produse similare in functie de:. Pret Brand Cele mai vandute Cele mai noi. Iti mai recomandam si. Lanseta Feeder Okuma Competition 3. Set 4Karp Feeder 2 lansete carbon 3. Set 4Karp Feeder 2 lansete Delta 3. Lanseta carbon Link Feeder 3. Descriere Specificatii Review-uri Intrebari si raspunsuri.

Caracteristici tehnice Putere aruncare 60 g g Clasa de putere Medium Numar tronsoane 3. Brand: Maver eMAG. Alti clienti au vizitat si. Lanseta Kamasaki Super Feeder 3,60m. Set 2 Lansete Feeder cu 2 mulinete 4Karp, compozit carbon, 3. Lanseta fibra plina din 2 segmente, lungime 3. Lanseta , Nevis , model Method Carp Feeder , cm , gr. Review-uri Fii primul care scrie un review Spune-ti parerea acordand o nota produsului.

Recent adaugate la Favorite. Lanseta mix carbon Baracuda Cherokee Spinning 2. Set lanseta telescopica Lie Yuwang 2. Set complet de pescuit sportiv pentru doua persoane cu lansete eastshark 2,4m , doua mulinete si accesorii. Set complet de pescuit cu lanseta Wind Blade de 3.

Set complet de pescuit sportiv cu lanseta Wind Blade de 2. Lanseta bolognesa mix carbon Baracuda Panther Bolo 4. Intrebarile si raspunsurile clientilor Ai nelamuriri? Pune o intrebare si poti primi raspuns de la comunitate. Pune o intrebare. Publica Anuleaza. Istoricul tau de navigare. Alti vizitatori au fost interesati si de: sterge istoricul de navigare. Creste-ti afacerea!

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Maver English Catalogue by MAVER – Issuu.


Elite Reel line is the best you can get on the market from this technology. Exceptional softness, lack of memory, it does not suffer for the torsion and it is very resistant to linear knot. The amazing smoothness makes this line a very high quality product.

The low elasticity let more velocity in the setting of the hook. The polymers and the special technology used, make it highly resistant to the sliding of the rings. High knot hold, the pressure of the cast. The anti- saltiness and anti-UV treatment give it a long-lasting life also under extreme conditions!!!

The total lack of memory drastically reduces the torsions and makes elite long lasting. The highest quality produced nowadays in the best factory specialized in nylon for reels. EVY European monofilament with excellent rapport between price and quality is ideal for all the fishing techniques in the sea and freshwater.

Ideal for the beginners they want a good quality monophilament. MRT 2. This line has similar invisibility features to those of fluorocarbon but with a higher ultimate strength. The most innovative feature is the abrasion strength about twenty times higher than that of last generation nylon; today we can even cut plastic with zero HF.

The fluorine makes the surface much smoother than that of traditional lines, an important feature when the cast is a fundamental part of our fishing typology, besides, the coating makes the line waterproof and keeps the resistance unaltered also when used for several hours. Finally the surface fluorine layer makes the zero HF UV rays proof. All around wire, suitable for all fishing techniques, both in sea and fresh water. It can either be spooled on reels that used as final.

Thanks to the nanotechnologies and to a new extrusion system borns the new Elite No- Gravity: Its principal character is the softness. This monophilament is perfect for all the fishing techniques those need long cast and accurancy of the line direction. Colour Yellow fluo Spol of mt. Yellow fluorescent line, particularly suitable for trout fishing in the river, its color makes it visible to the fisherman for a better control of line even on days without sun.

Excellent abrasion resistance, zero memory. Treated against UV rays. The M1 will amaze everybody for the fantastic mellowness and softness, obtained thanks to a new extrusion technology, created entirely in Europe.

The special silicon treatment makes it very saltiness resistant and helps the same line to go out fluently from the reel and also a very good sliding through the guides. After month of research and study in the field of materials and related yarns useful for the braid fishing construction, we have developed this wonderful sinking braid with high resistance to nodes and abrasion.

In relation to some diameters it was enough for us to weave thanks to innovative technology 3 lines, mixed in dyneema and polyester, for others we opted for the use of 4 lines, mixed between dyneema and polyester. We are so pleased to have crowned the range of Smart in a product with this quality and affordable price. To achieve some targets we have to work and braids 8 lines with particular and innovative materials with a sensation of silk at touch.

We wanted to create something really different from what the market offers today and after so many test and hard work, we are sure to hit the target. We tested it in all fishing disciplines that needing the use of braid and you can truly trust of our positive response. Another satisfaction is the diameters that goes from 0.

Value for money is incomparable. The Katana line was created to satisfy the most demanding fisherman, with a japan steel hooks range of top quality enriched with carbon , selected in the more suitable series for specific uses.

Carbon and steel alloys used are of the highest quality. The tips sharped in chemical baths have a double durability compared to standard hooks. The Katana Hooks Collection was developed by Maver technicians in collaboration with the best Japan factories with the common goal of achieving top performance. The katana series combines all the Maver best seller in one, both for the freshwater and the seawater. This hook is part of Maver best seller, a hook suitable for many types of fishing, from Roubasienne to English Fishing and Feeder fishing.

Distributed in the nickel version and black version mostly used in the bream fishing. The black version has a special optional anti-salt treatment which makes it perfect for the use in sea water.

The large sizes are used in surfcasting racing to catch fish in the surface, while in the small sizes is used for the fishing with Bolognese. Forged nickel hook with curved tip. For its reliability it is suitable for competitions in river Arno in Pisa. Very good in bottom fishing in seawater or internal water of lakes and channel.

The chemically sharpened tip, ensures unmatched drilling. The nickel version perfect for the sea using. Nickel hook, large curvature, very light but durable at the same time, the chemically sharpened tip ensures a perfect priming of our bait, worms and delica2 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 te ver de vase.

Suitable for crucian carp, carp and breams both for the roubasienne fishing and English fishing. In sizes from 2 to 8 has long been the leading hook for trout fishing both in lake that in torrent. The blued version, the , is ideal for fishing in waters with live bait. The in the large sizes is ideal for the priming of the live shrimp for the fishing of sea bass, but also for the priming of the sardine in the light drifting in mackerel and horse mackerel.

Straight hook, thin line, long stem. Its shape makes every kind of fishing perfect, both in freshwater and saltwater. Little bent hook, thick and wrought stem, conical end and inox treatment this hook was studied for marine use and big preys also the entire fish. Lately it has been used succesfully for catfish fishing too.

Straight hook, stem and line are medium and conical end. This blue hook has short stem, long end and a big bending. Following the great success of we have realised an advanced version for fish of big size. Forged hook, very good hold, perfect for fishing in the river Arno in Pisa. Straight hook, short stem and end, thin line and large opening. Hook with round bending and curve inwards end. Hook with curving round with retractable tip.

Ideal for the baits made of mussels, shrimp pulp and squid with the crab for the hunting of big carp fishing and bream in natural caves. Black straight hook, medium line, long stem and inox treatment.

Bronzed hook with curved tip. For its reliability it is ideal for carp fishing with maize. Very well appreciated in fishing competition in carp fisheries or canals. Nickel plated hook with round line, long end lightly curved inwards and medium stem. Suitable for the hooking of worms camole for trout fishing in lake and torrent. Very good in sea water in surf casting for fishing with raft.

Carbon nickel hook with thick line and medium stem. The long end is chemically sharped and guarantee a big penetration of the hook during the strike. The treatment against dried salt makes it very suitable for sea fishing.

Great for the fishing of evictions and horse mackerel. Hook with round, charcoal thread. Strong with slightly curved tip. Deadly for the gold fish of Cavo Lama, perfect for fishing with worms both in rivers and canals. Hook with medium line, a little bit wrought, long curve inwards end and short stem.

It was made in tungsten steel. Tungsten bronzed straight hook with medium stem, thin line and carbon and steel sharpening. Hook Aberdeen in steel and wolfram alloy, extra long shank with thick line. Suitable to be hooked with sardines for catching mackerels and scads. Great for surf casting. Hook made by a particular tungsten alloy that gives strenght and endurance at the dried salt. Medium stem and line with chimical sharped bent end. This specific bending makes this hook specifically appropriate for use mollusks and mussels in order to hook those fishes that have sturdy fangs like snappers and breams.

Perfect for trout fishing competitions in lake. Barbless hook, dark, light and strong. The very sharp tip allows the hooking of only one under skin worm looking for suspicious chub. Barbless hook in anthracite colour, light, but heavy at the same time. The sharpned tip allows only one worms 18 under the skin looking for a suspicious chu. Nickel hook with turned end without barb.

Hook without barb with medium line. It was made by steel and improved with carbon Straight hook with micro-loop, medium line, dark grey.

It can be used during competitions or in carpodrome, where security, endurance and reliability is required. The microloop permits to use very thin lines and to avoid cut near the palette. Black hook, long shank with very sturdy eye. Suitable to be hooked with long worms.

The small sizes are very good for Beach Legering. The big sizes are exceptional to be hooked with solens, sardine etc Black hook, medium shank with with micro eye, suitable to be hooked with long worms. Very good for Beach Legering. Inox steel hook with the addition of Iridium in the alloy. The Iridium ensures an unrivalled resistance to stress.

The best hook ever for sea fishing. Exceptional for trolling and vertical jigging. Forged hook with very high hold eye, suitable for fish of big size. Perfect in Carp Fishing or sea both from boat and surf casting. Hook wrought with carbon, very high hold, suitable to lure big carps with boiler and pellets. Its peculiarity is the straight eye for a better perforation in the mouth of the fish in the strike. Ideal for the seafishing for fish with powerful jaw.

Nickel hook moulded with curve inwards end: it was made for bonito fishing with sardine or for cat fish with alive baits. Fatal for the bluefish. The Katana Match are an high quality hook family made in Japan. The material used are of the highest quality, quality that distinguishes the entire Katana series. This hook is particularly light and thin, very good to be used with vers de vase. The chemically sharpened point enables not to spoil the bait so to have the best presentation.

The medium opening and the length of the point provide a very good catch of big preys too. With the above one, this range is designed for the finest fishing, for the bait of a single vers de vase or a tiny worm, searching for small fish or breams or gardons.

Classic shape with mediumlong shank and narrow curve for a stronger hold. Very good for search fishing bleaks too. Very light hook, medium shank and high point, chosen to give you the best in difficult fishing of goldfish, breams and small carps. Its peculiar shape makes it very performing both with single or double bait of the worm.

Essential when even only the tenth part of a milligram makes a difference. Classic round shape with medium shank and thin line. The point is chemically sharpened and has perfect proportion, very perforating and with a great hold. Very good for the bait of the delicate vers de vase, pinkies or small worms. The perfect hook for fishing competitions. Model designed for fishing with maggots. Square shape, high point and medium shank, makes this hook the best for bottom fishing.

Light but with a strong hold, also very suitable for fast fishing with vers de vase. Excellent in the use of English fishing. Hook with long shank, medium line and high point. Very good for fast fishing with the bait of a single fitted maggot or with a couple of pinkies hanging down.

Specific for big bleaks, rudds and gardons with pole or for the fast a float fishing of carassi. Very good for English style bottom fishing breams and goldfish. The chemically sharpened point guarantees a high hooking power and very good hold. The micro-barb ensure the protection of the most delicate baits during the bait. This hook is similar to KM7 but of bronze colour. Perfect for the bait of caster or casterone, hemps and worms. The bronze colour helps the hook to camouflage perfectly inside the caster for difficult fishing conditions.

Hook conceived for catching big fish such as barbels, chubs and carps with small hooks. It can be perfectly used with several different baits but it was designed for maggots. The only hook of the range with curved point, it is perfect for fishing big fish on the seabed. Very high resistance despite its lightness.

Very good to be used with sweet corn to catch carps and carassi. Used with success in the bream fishing with big sails. A barbless hook very light , perfect for fishing with the maggots for the most suspicious fishes like chubs, carasses and similars.

The point is very shape and the hook-line very thin The trigger will be perfect. Very light Barbless hook expressly studied for the maggots. The particular square form grants an excellent fishing strike!

Barbless hook in balck nikel colour. The point goes back a little bit in direction of the hook shank and it grants a strong auto-strike effect!

High resistance but very light. Ideal for the carpodrome fishing. Exceptional hook, especially conceived for trout fishing. The perfect ratio between the length of shank and point and its opening makes it very effective in the hooking.. The line diameter is rather thin compared to the hook size and this guarantees a perfect bait of the most delicate baits. Very resistant thanks to the highest quality steel but still very light. All the hooks of Katana sea series, have the anticorrosion treatment with a special glossy black finish that makes our hook unassailable by salt and corrosion caused by the rubbing on the seabed or on the rocks.

Each model is designed to catch specific prey and the curvature of the hook is designed for a better and natural presentation of the bait.

The chemically sharpened tip with a patented acid bath, allow to catch many preys without losing sharpness, essential features for the anglers who fish in speed. Hook with eye designed to catch big fish with strong jaws, gilthead is its main opponent. Its rounded shape with a slightly curved point is perfect to bait the crab. Hook with plate. Features that are similar to KS1 range but with the difference of the plate instead of the eye.

Very strong hook, perfect for catching white breams, giltheads and all those big fish that crush the bait with teeth before swallowing it. Very good also for baiting crabs and big bibi. Hook with classic and perfect shape, medium length shank, round curve and straight point, revised with Black Nichel finishing to improve performances in sea water. A true killer for catching afloat fish, especially horse mackerels, used a lot in surfcasting competitions.

Sharpened lika a razor, it is a killer for all that fishes that bite the bait in a sensible way and that had to be striked in the first millimeter of their mouth. Its compact form with a long point is ideal for the light baits, like the maggot for fishing with the bolognese rod or the match rod, or like the sea worms for the surfcasting speciality for fishing the surface fishes.

Mullets, bogas, eagle fishes and all the other sea fishes cannot have escapes right now! Its strength is in the micro-eye, the baits of delicate and thin anellid such as lungworms will be perfect. Its extreme lightness enables to catch the most suspicious preys such as striped seabreams without missing a single hook. Ideal for all the grufolatori that suck baits from the sand. Hook of japanese manifacture, designed for the carp fishing, especially in carpodrome, but also in large natural lakes.

Each series is specific for a given priming and a particular fishing style. Among the Katana Carp, we find hooks with round bend, squared, Eagle beak and barbless, with and without loop.

Hook for the priming of pellets, corn, maggots and batter. Really top quality and reliability. Barbless hook, nickeled, very sturdy with hollow tip. Wide range of sizes available for every need of fishing in carp-fisheries. Same features as 03A but without barb. For every challenging fishing with alive baits both in river and carp-fishery. Very good barbless hook, medium line. The small sizes are excellent for delicate fishing, the big sizes are for an optimal presentation of alive baits.

Very piercing. Barbless hook, medium line, medium shank with eye. The lightest and more technical hook with these features. Excellent for competitions in carp-fishery where fish are quite big and for the fitting with loop instead of the classic tie.

Micro barb hook, thick line, medium shank. The hollow tip makes it very effective and self- hooking Auto-striking. Ideal for feeder fishing or light carp fishing in carp-fishery. Barbless hook, thick line, medium shank.

Ideal for feeder fishing or light carp fishing in carp-fishery where barbless hook is compulsory. Designed and tested by our vastly experienced development team, the MT range of hooks has been designed specifically for commercial fisheries. All hooks are chemically sharpened. Fine wire but extremely strong. Use when conditions are difficult and carp are finicky. Also ideal for caster fishing. Incredibly sharp point. Spade end wide gape and barbless. This medium wire hook is perfect for maggot and worm fishing.

Spade end and barbless. A classic wide gape hook that is perfect for pellet, corn, meat and paste fishing. Strong forged pattern with a long in-turned point. Carpodrome typical hook, the barbless guarantee the maxi sportivity and an easy unhooking of prey. The eyelet allows us to use very large wires compared to the size of the hook.

Burnished color hook, ideal for the use of pellets or dead maggots. The Jurassic series is realized in collaboration with the most important Korean factory of hook which is able to make hook with the best value for money on the market.

You will be amazed by the performance of this series, despite the low price. Leafing through the catalog you will find hook with eye or headstock, barbed or without, from sea and fresh water, some models are also available with our specific line terminal tackle. Very thin hook with a sharp tip. During sea competitions it is perfect for catching mullets and bogues. In freshwater it is suggested for the most delicate types of fishing where the bait presentation is crucial.

Thin hook with a very sharp tip, it has a perfect shape for the hooking of the worm in trout fishing. Also perfect in sea water for the hooking of alive shrimps for catching sea bass with bolognese.

Hook with retracting tip, thin thread, medium shank. The shape and the auto ferrante characteristic, make it indispensable for reel fishing even at long distance when suspicious fish lay or for employ with roubaisienne corn. Big sizes can be used for fish like carps or tenches. Hook with medium shank and thick thread. Best for laying a trap for biggest fish. Very good hold also in small sizes. Exceptional for fishing barbels in river with bolognese. Very thin but also very strong hook and it can go back to its original shape.

Best for the hooking of thin and delicate worms such as tremolina for mullets or lobworms for mormore. The biggest sizes are deadly for catching sugherelli with surf casting while the medium sizes are best for mormore. The micro buttonhook makes the anellidi go up the thread without spoiling. Very strong hook, best both for hooking worms and lay a trap for mormore, and the hooking of mussels or crabs to catch big grufola tori.

The biggest size is perfect to catch big predators. The strong eye helps to firmly fix our rig to the hook easily and with great reliability. Really a unique hook thanks to its particular super flat shank that is also exceptionally strong even though is very very light weight. In the smallest sizes is ideal for catch medium size fishes that normally eat on the bottom. Very thin but also very strong hook, a best seller for fishing Mormore using the long and thin thread of lobworms.

The biggest sizes are best for the hooking of big worms such as Americans, sardinians, squid and prawn. Hook with a very peculiar shape equipped with two micro barbs on the shank which stop the bait slipping out the hook. It is the best shape to fish eels and all those fish which try to rip the bait off the hook.

Its hardiness will never let you down, not even with the biggest preys. Very strong but light hook, it enables a natural presentation of the bait. It is indispensable for catching Palamita with light drifting by hooking the whole Sardinian. Hook suitable to be hooked with long worms, the most used in the world of surf casting. Suitable for different uses both in surface and bottom fishing. Its sturdiness is byword for reliability with fish of big size too.

It is a very thin and light hook with a micro loop perfect for the hooking of delicate worms without spoiling them. Its extra-long shank gives protection from the small, sharp teeth of Bogues allowing a faster fishing action.

It is a very strong hook best for catching big predators and used for the creation of the assist hook in vertical jigging. It is a classic-shaped hook used for several kind of fishing both in sea and freshwater. The smallest sizes are used a lot in surf casting for catching shallow fishing. It is a hook with a very wide gape.

It is used for the hooking of big bites or alive prawns when the target is bass with Bolognese technique. Excellent for trout fishing. Treble with a shape best for the self-hooking up after the first attack of our predator.

The anti-saltiness treatment makes it perfect for both sea water and freshwater fishing. The tips are chemically sharpened for last longer. Tied with a knotless knot on a 10cm hooklength and finished off with either a hair rigged 8mm stainless steel spike, 3mm bait band or a speedy stop enabling a quick and easy change of baits.

Simply formidable, the egg shape makes it perfect for any kind of fishing both in standing water and the streams, steel stem and plastic bristle. This model is perfect for fishing in running and fast water.

The steel stem gives more stability when compared to the stem of different materials. Ideal float for medium-fast waters or windy conditions. Laterl passage for the line, steel drift and empty antenna reinforced with icon glass fiber. A real long bulb with long drop shape, really stable and sensitive.

Lateral line, carbon drift and fiber antenna. Ideal to catch the bremes into slow or still waters. An inner float with carbon driftt and sensitive empty antenna.

Ideal for bolognese fishing but also for pole and roubasienne. In the internal part of the antenna is glued a fiber glass part for makes it stronger preventing the breakages of the same antenna caused by the possible quick returnes of the line. Float designed for calm water, long bulb long drop shape ensure high sensitivity on eating of most suspicious fishes like Breams or Crucians, the carbon drift allow us to fishing always with a straight floats than the fishing lines, plastic antenna allow us a strong precision in calibration and ensures a correct float rate in terms of waves and wind.

Available in weights ranging from 0. The black painting provides a touch of elegance that distinguishes this float. Very particular float with carbon antenna and carbon drift. The long form makes it very sensitive. Available only with black colour antenna. A competition float with fiber bristle and steel drift. Available with black, red and yellow bristle.

Carbon drift, empty plastic high visible antenna, ideal for fishing in canal like Cavo Lama or Fiuma. The empty antenna gives us a greater bearing capacity, allowing us to tolerate and dredging part of the line on the bottom, avoiding unpleasant inconvenience on the antenna itself.

The excellent inner line allow us to preserve the float from the classic cutting by rubbing. Ideal float for the fishing in short distances in the pond.

The tapered shape with the carbon drift gives excellent sensitivity, the empty antenna allows us to fish with massive baits like corn.

Inner line gives us better guarantees. Thanks to the very compact shape, the Max float is recommended for fishing in streams water, looking for smart and suspicious fish, like chub of Tevere at Umbertide. Holed body, carbon drift and empty high visibility bristle. Ideal for fishing in still or slow waters, but also during windy conditions. Long oval form for this float, really stable and good to fish in slow waters or with a small flow.

Fiber glass bristle and steel drift. A drop form for this float with carbon drift and plastic bristle. Ideal for fishing in the canal also during windy conditions or with slow flow. A competition float with plastic bristle and steel drift. Ideal for fishing little fishes like alborellas, gardons and little bremes to a short distance.

A float ideal for bottom fishing canal. Very stable and high sensitivity with its stem stainless steel and its thin bristle, it is perfect to identify all the most delicate touches. Stem stainless steel and plastic bristle. A drop form float with carbon drift and reinforced empty bristle with the fiber glass inside. Ideal for fishing in still waters, it combines visibility and sensibility. Inverted short pear form, carbon drift and plastic bristle.

Specifically developed for fishing in the river. Inverted long pear form, specifically studied for the lake and the carpodrome. Fiber drift and high visibility plastic bristle.

Float for competitions, multi-purpose, the long drift makes it very stable and the thin plastic bristle is very sensitive. Carbon stem and empty plastic bristle, feature that makes this float very visible.

Float suitable for fishing in still water and in running water. Perfect float for chub fishing on surface and in river, also very suitable for winter fishing in lake. Carbon stem and plastic quarry bristle. A traditional float with a little egg form, carbon drift and plastic very visible antenna.

An inverted very long pear form for this float; stainless drift and plastic antenna. Very good for fishing in moderate running water or in wind conditions. A very long body for this float, that is good for fishing in lake or in water with very slow flow. Its particular form is good to feel and see the bites in up direction. Float for competitions designed for speed fishing of Alborella or for surface fishing with the pole or telescopic rod.

A very new winter series of floats This kind of material permits us to have little body of the float but a very constant carrying capacity for have got equal floats ever. The winter 1 model was designed for the maximum of the sensivity.

Its form and the length of the antenna make it as a special float in wind conditions. The material is completely waterproof, fiber drift, lateral cut and the empty tip has a contained diameter which makes it good in all difficult conditions also when you find some indifferent fishes. The special external painting, gives an elegant look and guarantee an excellent sturdiness to the body.

The empty antenna guarantees an excellent night visibility and allows the use of baits like corn and large sizes pellet. Inner line, glass fiber drift and spiral steel eyelet.

Tapered body, empty high visibility antenna, inner line, spiral eyelet make the Ufo Carp 1 the most suitable rod for roubasienne fishing in carpodrome from 6 to 13mt.

This form allows us to detect even the slightest bite. Classic teardrop shape, ideal for miniroubasienne fishing or with the carpfighter made by Maver, a float with unusual strength. Float designed for the surface fishing of carp and large amur, not afraid of chafing with the meshes of the net, very frequent in this type of fishing, the teardrop shape gives compactness to the float, for fishing very well even with 20cm deep.

A strong float! Zero Carp 4, polyurethane body with a round shape, allows you to switch even in turbulent waters and with very strong wind. This is the real evolution of the zero cell float. The new little metal rings that wrap the drift, do not damage the line and make it even more strong. Ideal for fishing to a short and medium distance. The model Zero Cell EVO 2 is ideal for fishing in the pounds and carpodromes on the bottom, The materialm that is really waterproof, the new metal rings, the fiber drift and the lateral cut make it extremely unique and strong.

The model EVO 5 is the most compact of all the series. It is ideal during the windy conditions and thanks to the long antenna it offers a good visibility and permits to use heavy baits like corn and pellet. A new model is insered into the Zero Cell range. The compact mold and its short length make it perfect to fish near the banks.

The big diameter antenna permits to use big baits and a perfect view-calibration, even remaining really visibile. Made with new waterproof material. Side passage to the line, stem glued inside the bristle and steel ring. Starlightholder float of the series Zero Cell, is extremely robust and refine. It has a starlightholder of 3mm and robust carbon fiber drift. The Jazz model , with short drop form, can be used in the lake in wind conditions or in the rivers and in the canals where anglers need strong floats to catch big fishes.

Empty bristle glued on the fiber drift. The Blues model has long form and could be used for fishing with the paste or with the pellet. Fiber drift and empty glued bristle. The Power 1 model has got an oval long form and could be used in each fishing situation. The model power 2 is introducing a new mold: an inverted and long drop.

This model is dedicated to the winter techniques, especially using long lines searching carps and carassius. The long mold permits us to make it with the lateral line no inline. A model with a drop form with a short body. Ideal for fishing to a short distance or under the surface. A real strong inline float, it has a oversized antenna in order to use big baits as pellet or corn.

The model Invincible Power 4 is created with the same characters of all the range: it is an inline float with glass drift and with the antenna that is glued inside the float body. The cigar mold makes it really strong without decrease its sensitivity.

This shape is really appreciated from the uk anglers to fish in the carpodromes. The cigar mold makes it really strong without decrease its sensibility. This shape is really appreciated from the uk anglers for fish in the carpodromes.

Classic round flat float with high hydrodynamic shape. The Spin is ideal when it needs to fish in strong streams with the hooklink strongly hold or simply still. Its shape permits us to fish stopped with the signal system perfectly stable. The drift is in steel and the tip is in plastic. Floating disc with highly hydrodynamic profile.

The Run is ideal when we fish in running water. The steel drift offers high stability, the long glass fiber antenna guarantees an extreme sensitivity which is required for fishing of bream. Classic float with piaster form with the angles tapered in the best way. It has the best penetration in water. Stainless drift and plastic bristle. We are renovating our classical old model called Elite river 2. This new vela float, simply called River, it was reviewed in some details to increase the already excellent performances of the old model.

The ring for the line was positioned to the top of the body in order to increase the line strength and the antenna that is now realized in empty plastic material reinforced with the fiber glass inside itself, made longer in order to increase the stability and the wind resistance.

Excellent float designed to fishing on river mouth, in a port on the sea or on the cliff. Inner line. Versatile float indicated for all applications, especially for night fishing with starlight 3mm. Plastic bristle and fiber stem. Classic float with starlight for lakes with the line that passes inside the body. Good finishing, fiber drift and 3mm starlight holder. Starlight of 3mm, designed for the carpodromo fishing, available in the measurement from 0.

Glass fiber drif, ideals for the fishing in the bottom both in long distance that under the shore. Starlight by 4. The extremely short length allows us to fish also with 20cm deep, in fact the great amur are often taken just under the surface. Fiber glass drift and inner line complete the characteristic of this float.

Classic starlight float with antenna of 3mm. Even the newest fisherman will have no trouble using it. Starlight with bristle by 4. The bulb with an inverted long pear shape makes it very stable in current. They can be used in a lot of different situations. Produced with the Invincible Match system with the tube full of expanded polurethane, they will become a reference for the waggler match fishing. The lead is formed by roundels for a total weight of 1 gr.

They are also available for each float two plastic empty antenna in different diameters. A very good waggler for fishing with the inner line round lead. It is born expecially to catch the fishes those bites in the surface direction, like bremes, gardons and similars.

Like all the models of the Invincible Match series, it has the bulb in high quality raft and the tubular drift very light is full of expanded polurethane for stabilize the course. The lead is formed by interchangeable roundels and has a pivot with eyelet, specific for the inner line fishing system.

For every float are available three breme antennas, empty plastic insert of 2, and 4 mm wigeon. A waggler float with very long bulb, ideal for fishing very suspiciouses fishes in the canal. Its form permits it to entry in a very light and soft way in the water, without noises.

The bulb is in raft material and the drift is in tubular form full of expanded polurethane. For each float is available one empty plastic antenna for the high visibility and another wigeon antenna. The lead is formed by roundels for 1 gr of weight. A waggler for fishing long distance. The bulb form and the traditional little wings grant an ideal penetration in the air and the excellent accurancy of the direction during the cast.

Like all the Invincible match series is built with the the new system, indeformable plastic tube full of expanded polurethane. It was supplied with two wigeon antenna for each float. The lead is formed by roundels for the weight of 1 gr. Waggler with adjusatable lead and tublex feather shaft. Developed for fishing the bremes it has got a specific insert antenna to see the bites in the up direction.

Waggler with fixed lead and tublex shaft with the joint for the interchangeable antenna. It is available together with antenna insert of 3mm and another big antenna of 6mm. Waggler for sliding fishing and peacock feather materials together with empty glued antenna of 4,5mm.

Float with the same characteristics of the float Molo, the body is slightly tapered and on this model it is possible to mount the star light too. A new superlative Waggler , that can be suggested For fish in lakes and pounds using corn, paste or pellet as bait.

Thanks to its transparency, this float is widely used in the English fishing for carps to the surface. Fixed ballast. Float for the fishing with sliding system in creek and dam. Carter and lateral body in special graphite with long fibers.

Large spool in anodized aluminium. Infinite Backstop system. Ultra dimension graphite rotor. Tubolar Headband in stainless steel material. Ultra dimension Drive-line roll, coated in TIN. Reel ratio : 5, Bronze pinion. Driving sprocket duralumin galvanized. Parallel coils spooling. IRear Power drag 8kg. Aluminium anodized handle part, machined Ambidextrous handle part. Ergonomic soft touch knob. The monkey series si completed by this fantastic jewel with rear drag and graphite body formed by long fibers.

This very resistant and light material permitted us to realize a rear drag reel excellent for lightness and fluidity during the reeling. Other excellent feature for a reel destinated to light match rods or feeder rods of ft, is the power of the drag, 8kg of resistance for a compact model like this, that is a real record for this kind of machines. Instant anti-reverse bearing Aluminium crank handle Ambidextrous Anodised aluminium spool Computer balanced rotor Intelligent Oscillating System IOS Micrometric multi -disc drag- Waterproof Saled body and rotor construction, fully waterproof and saltwater protected Worm shaft gear system.

Rugged and reliable was the verdict on the new Enigma series after extensive field testing. The black anodised spool will withstand the rigoures of saltwater and the large soft touch handle assists grip when power is needed to be applied. Packed full of features with 6 stainless steel ball bearings making this reel extremely smooth. Available with deep or shallow spool. He attended an unlimited number of competitions for the fishing from the shore, surfacasting and bolentino fishing, achieving a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals.

He received an official reward from Fipsas Mer and Fipsas for the international prestigious results. A superlative groundbait for the sea that is studied in collaboration with the captain of the italian seafishing team shore fishing Zefferino Guidi.

It is a groundbait realized with cheese base and is ideal for fishing on the bottom In search of mullets and all those fishes that live and eat on the same bottom.

It was developed for the competitions but also for all the seafishing lovers that want to catch a lot of fishes from rocks or harbors. It is really perfect to catch bogas and all the other sea fishes in the middle depth. All this is possible because Maver range is homemade: our specialized specialists make the mixture of all elements. Maver gorundsbaits come from formulas owned by Paioli Sport, so they are our exclusive, a secret that we make available for the fisherman.

If the bottom deteriorate, you have to flatten lightly the balls of groundbait in order to do not let them roll towards the deepest point of the bottom. Groundbait for bremens with medium thin grain with salted base and medium power of stickiness.

This gorundbait has been made for fishing bremens. This medium thin grain and dark brown groundbait was studied and finalizing for fishing bremens in still waters. The Breme fishing became one of the most popular in Europe in the last years.

We have got all the time and how to develop, thanks to the collaboration of our experts, a really good breme groundbait…. In still waters, you can add Brasem to increase the attractant power in the measure of gr per kg.

This is the classic groundbait for alborella for fast fishing. Light soft black groundbait with medium flour milling and medium power of stickiness. Peschiera is an excellent groundbait during competitions but good working also for enjoyable fishings out of competitions for sure.

The Method Range under Maver brand is composed by 3 precious groundbaits that are well indicated here below. These ones are well developed with the best mechanical structure but also with top quality ingredients in order to attract all the fishes on the fishing spot, bringing them quickly on the method balls.

This carp strong yellow groundbait with sweet and delicate smell and taste can give you a super-performance, thanks also natural smells which have been selected and insered carefully. Surely main elements are various type of bread very different each other for quality and structure but that create a perfect mixture and mechanincs when mixed togheter; and also the best toasted and minced hemp, minced biscuit, carob and other precious cereals.

A groundbait like its sister carp plus that gave excellent results also when used for feeder method fishing. The best carp groundbait that you can imagine and you can use for your best results. The ingredients are really excellent quality and they create a top attraction thanks also the add of Betaine and of secret natural appetite stimulators. The smell of this groundbait will inebriate you with the smell of panettone well mixed with lemon.

You can use this groundbait to damage catfishes and big clarius: an experiment already done with great and positive results. Both procedures will increase the proteic structure of final mixture, increasing a lot the attractive ability and the speed of the action helping us to select the best small or big prey.

Ideal for strong bondings, in rivers or canals where there is a lot of current and our ball must not lose anything on downhill. Compared to the big version, this Torteau can be included in the groundbait before the soak. Pour the contents in a container, add water up to cover everything. The Torteau Corn made like this will be necessary to humidify your groundbait. The flour of PV1 having sugary basis will increase the sticky power of your groundbait.

This bread results barely sticky, so its main feature is to release before and to avoid the growing of clumps in the groundbait, making it soft. It is a somma leam of a black colour and it has got the same characters of the light one. Its dark colour is natural and it is used for making heavier the dark and black groundbaits in order too not create persistent spots that make the fishes suspicious if used into transparent or cold waters.

It is a wet leam really binder and of a brown colour. It is perfect for give weight the groundbaits into fast waters or, if used in a pure way, it can also be used for vehicular our baits on the bottom. It is available in 3 kg package. It is a really thin leam with the talcum powder effect, perfect to be used in order to unglue the fouilles.

You will find the same on the market in 1 kg package. It is a somma leam very thin and of a yellowish colour and it is ready to use because is packed with a little umidity grade inside. It maintains itself as really soft and easy to sift, also when it is wet again. The same can be used to vehicular our baits or to be mixed with our groundbaits dedicated to the breme fishing. It is available in 2 kg package.

A groundbait catapult with medium soft plastic cup. The elastic is chained with a special antitwist system thanks to one swivel. Groundbait catapult with big soft plastic cup. The elastic is chained with a special anti-twist system thanks to one swivel.

A groundbait catapult with big soft plastic cup. A maggot Catapult with soft elastics and small cup. Catapult with medium size elastics and small cup for maggots. Catapult with medium elastics and small cup for maggots. Catapult studied for casting pellets and corn seeds in general. This pack is inclusive of Groundbait catapult and punch system to make groundbait balls or pellets in two different sizes. It has a big soft plastic cup and very powerful elastics. Maximum distance is 60 mt.

Plunger system ideal for make groundbait balls: little ones or bigger depending to the Plunger size that you want to use. Catapult with metal frame and ergonomic rubbery handle. Maximum distance of 60 mt. Maggots till 45 mt of distance. Nylon light Umbrella. Dimensions 1mt x 1mt. Rain umbrella made by thermowelded PVC.

The pole is made by stainless steel, very strong and very long duration. The Signature accessories range is the natural completion of the Maver seatboxes range.

Through collaboration between a number of DJs and Rock music professionals the research applied the process of beat-mixing to blend Rock tracks to produce a continuous ClubRock set. The outcome is the album the Manarays—Get Lucky. DJ techniques created immediacy in the recordings and transformed static renditions into a fluid creative work.

How do Rock audiences read the ClubRock set as a Rock album? Song structure changed as a result of beat-mixing the album and this divergent structure included the addition of the EDM breakdown to the Rock composition. Transformational learning resulted from the phenomenological study which investigated tempi, vari-speed, beat-mixing and breakdowns in a new context.

The hybridisation of the two genres, EDM and Rock, resulted in a contribution to Rock music compositional approaches and the production of a unique Rock album. Lucian G Constantin. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer.

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Varf Feeder Maver Genesis Pro XD m/g 3sec, 4oz. 67,00 LEI. Adauga in cos. Varf Daiwa Ninja X Feeder Green g. Nou. 31,50 LEI. Adauga in cos. Varf Nevis Vanity Carp XH /m Heavy. abyss x series 12ft feeder – 2 piece (m) aa: abyss x series 12ft feeder – 2 piece carrier section: ab: abyss x series 12ft feeder – 2 piece butt section: a abyss x series 12ft feeder – 2 piece light quiver tip (red) a abyss x series 12ft feeder – 2 piece med quiver tip (green) a abyss x series 12ft feeder – 3 piece (3. Mar 12,  · Maver Reality Feeder. «poslato: 12 Mart , ». Pored dosta hvaljenog ABYSS-a, pojavila se novija serija MAVER-a. Ima li ko iskustva sa Reality feederom? Koje su glavne razlike u odnosu na recimo pomenuti Abyss ili nesto skuplji Powerlite? Na nekom od nasih sajtova date su osnovne karakteristike: Gornji rukohvat od EVA gume.


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lei: lei: Lanseta feeder MAVER ABYSS, metri, 3 segmente, 80 grame putere. Nu are defecte. Feeder štap MAVER Abyss X Series feeder 9ft/2dela A ,00 дин. Feeder štap MAVER Abyss X Series feeder 9ft/2dela A Quantity. Feeder štap Maver GENESIS PRO feeder 12FT/2 dela (M) A ,00 дин. Dodaj u Korpu; SHADOW FEEDER m 70g ,00 дин. Dodaj u Korpu; DRENNAN 11FT ACOLYTE ULTRA FEEDER. Poruči Maver Abyss X feeder 3,60m trodelni A Maver Abyss X feeder 3,60m trodelni A @ rsd 6, Kol: Ako ste za pristojan novac želeli jako dobar fider štap, ovo je pravi model za vas. Primenljiv je u različitim situacijama koje vam se mogu desiti na terenu.