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To see what’s going on, click on the Metadata tab посетить страницу in the toolbar on the upper left side. The workflow couldn’t be easier. Thank you. No credit card is captur, and it’s fully functioning version. From the shortcut menu, select Export, then select Originals.


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A very import application of this soft proofing feature is that you can choose to view your images using either a specific profile, or always use the profile that you have selected from the Process Recipes list, regardless of where you are in the user interface.

This is an advantage in order to get a soft proofing view of your images before printing them. This way you simulate the white borders or matte around your print. To change the background color, change the Color for the Viewer under the Appearance tab in your Capture One Preferences. Also, while you are in the preferences, set a widish Proof Margin, say of around 30 pixels.

With that set you can easily turn on the Proof Margin with the button at the top left corner of the viewing area, next to where it says Background in this screenshot. Finally, if you have Viewer Labels turned on, showing shooting information and the filename below the large preview of your photo, turn that off by selecting Hide Viewer Labels, under the View menu. Assuming you want to keep those changes and make further adjustments for your print, select Clone Variant from the shortcut menu.

Another very useful feature in Capture One, especially when it comes to preparing to print, is the Color Readouts. Generally, when printing, you want to avoid total black and total white. Select Add Color Readout from the bottom of the Picker tools, which is second from the right in the toolbar above the viewer in the below screenshot. Then, click on some of the key areas of your photograph. I like to check the darkest area, the brightest highlight, and a mid tone.

When I placed these Color Readouts on my original, the background was 0, total black, and the shell was , which is pure white. So, I created a Clone Variant, and adjusted my Levels, to bring these values in just a little, which would be good printing practice.

You can see that now, in my resulting image, my darkest background has a luminance of 2. My brightest highlight, the shells on this Himba Girls traditional necklace, is Her face is Another option for checking the darkest and brightest areas of your print image, are the Exposure Warnings.

These can be turned on with the warning triangle icon. I set my highlight warnings at and my shadow warning at 2. If you want to make any other modifications for print, increasing contrast, changing the colors to stop them going out of gamut, now would be the time to do it. Just as I always printed from Lightroom, I love to be able to print right in my processing and workflow tool.

In Capture One Pro, you can hit the Print button from the top menu at any time, regardless of where you are in the program. The print window opens, and you get to select your settings. This is unlike Lightroom, where you go to the Print module to print.

We can create templates in Capture One Pro to save margin and layout information. However, it forgets about page size and ICC profiles whenever you close the program. Fortunately, these are quick settings to change, so select your paper size and the ICC profile for your printer and media combination from the Color Profile menu. You may need to change this, depending on how sharp your original image is. Also, it may need to be increased for larger prints too.

You can set your margins depending on how much border you want. You can see the dimensions I use in my Print Borders spreadsheet, which you can download here. Once you have entered your border dimensions, click the Templates pulldown, and select Save User Template. In the above screenshot you can see that I called this one 18 x 24 inches borders. Another cool thing about Capture One is when you switch from Landscape to Portrait orientation, the borders automatically switches.

Consequently, I no longer have to save a separate template for each orientation. That was all for now. If you have any questions or advice for this topic, please let me know in the comments. If you want to see or read more from me, feel free to visit my website: www. Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo. Fueled by his passion for nature and travel, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international tour and workshop leader, helping photographers from around the world to experience and capture the wonders of this awesome planet we call home.

Export for Web Process Recipe. Add a Watermark. Edit With Dialog. Soft Proofing for Print. Using Color Readouts.

Exposure Warnings. Printing from Capture One. Special feature: embedding the camera profile assures you that all color information of the images is retained in the output. The Resolution field in pixels per inch, millimeter or centimeter does not affect the number of pixels or quality of the image.

This is a common misconception. It is used to translate the number of pixels to physical dimensions. The Scale field is a bit more complex. This means that the amount of pixels in your original file after a potential crop is the same as what you get on output. You can prevent upscaling if you like in a separate option in the Scale drop-down list. Last but not least, you can have Capture One open the newly saved image in a program of your choice from the Open With field for review or further processing.

Be aware that this may cost extra memory and other resources that Capture One uses or likes to use for the Export task. For reading. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new blogs. Want to try Capture One? Or would you like to buy it? In the Scale field, I use the Width x Height mm x mm option to export variants. All my photos have different cropping in Capture One. Any advice? Did I do my export correctly? Hi, when you need specific dimensions width x height on output you first define the output as you did.

Next, you set your Crop tool ratio to Output. Last adapt your crop so that it has the right ratio according to your export settings. Hello, Thanks for the info. I just got started in this. I can adjust and modify the original file to look how i want it to. In no way can I export the finished picture. I export to desktop, and it looks like original. VERY frustrating. Please help! Thank you. PS: I am used to the very satisfying for me Nikon Capture.

Very organized, simple, and works. Then I got a Sony camera. I spent one evening with Phase One and it took a lifetime out of simple, enjoyable photography for me.

Hi Joe, Capture One does autosave all adjustments. Hello, I would love to know how can I export the photos by time or data in Capture One. Hi Joana, Capture One exports the selected images in the order you sort the thumbnails in the Capture One browser. So you first sort the images with the sort options in the browser, next you export.

I cannot deliver images with such random file sizes to my clients. Is there a way to set a maximum file size? Hi Lesley, There is no size limit feature. Maybe the size difference in bytes relate to size difference in pixels: more pixels, larger file. You can define the size of your images in a process recipe.

We are exporting exactly as described above, but it is only saving the files in the desired location as a. Any ideas? It was working fine previously. Hi Sarah, That does not sound right. Need more info. Either contact me via mail or contact form.

You could also contact Phase One support if you prefer that. The same happens for me. Windows 10 system. Brand new version of Capture 1 11 Pro. It exports images as jpg, but adds a. Hi Karin, That is not how it should work.

I did all the necessary adjustments, including skin toning and some colour saturation. The images are indeed a bit edited as Capture one allows you to do a lot within the program, and amazingly. Hi Sofia, Sorry to hear you have issues while facing a deadline.

Blood pressure alert! Have you tried to use processing via a process recipe instead of exporting? Maybe this helps. If not, please contact me directly by mail or contact form both on Contact page. Take care.

Thanks in advance for any help! Hi, I have been using C1 Express for Sony for a short while to find out how well it works. I am certainly impressed so far. However I am wondering if there is any way to save a preset at export? However, while the recipe name I have given the preset is shown, clicking on it does not change any other settings that may be already there. Maybe it is just not possible to have different preset setting in Express? Where you are aiming at are process recipes, the export feature on steroids.

It is available in the Pro modes, including Pro Sony. Learn more about Process Recipes here. Hi Rui, I do not have a solution but maybe I can help through online help.

I will contact you directly. Is there a way to preserve the original numbering on an image when exporting. When I export variants they are all renumbered 1,2,3 and etc. When I send off a lot of proofs to a client through variant exports the numbers they receive are different than what I have in my capture folder which slows down the process locating theirs favorites in my folder.

Hi Jim, You can use the token [Variant position] in your naming scheme. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Export Originals or Variants After import, select and adjust, it is time for export. Export Originals The first Capture One Export option is to export Originals means that you export the uncorrected raw image file from your catalog or session into a designated folder.

Tips You can make a keyboard shortcut to either one or both Export options, depending on your use. You can add the Export Variants button to the toolbar. When you are new to this toggle, please refer to the blog on Capture One Variants to get you sorted. Thank you For reading.