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In this Age of Empire III game you will lead the way of an era in Asia with a very stunning graphic display and soundtrack which is so interesting. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a recommendation for the next game that is no less interesting to play.

In this game, you will play the role of a Meve Queen who is the ruler of the Lyria and Rivia regions. When playing this game, you will be tasked with being able to reclaim the area by winning the ongoing battle. In order to win the war, you need to recruit troops to be deployed to the battlefield.

This RPG-themed strategy game allows you as a player to explore the map then collect various resources, carry out missions, and also interact with other non-character players. If you like military strategy-based games, Valkyria Chronicles 4 can be the best choice that is worth playing. In this game you will be faced with a game based on military strategy and then required to be able to control a military troop.

If you want to control the animals that are not mainstream , Jurassic World Evolution can be a very good choice to play. When playing this strategy-based game you will manage an island that is home to dinosaurs. Like most strategy-based games, in this game you need to pay attention to various other important elements such as security, the beauty of the building, and also the placement of the dinosaurs.

Planet Zoo is an offline pc strategy game that allows players to manage and manage a zoo. You are required to be able to place wild animals in one place but you must pay attention to the aesthetic quality of the zoo setting. Planet Zoo is one of the simulation games that can be played on PC devices by placing animals in the zoo.

The animal world that you will create is very dependent on your composition and decisions in managing the zoo. If you want to know one of the most downloaded games via the Steam platform, then RimWorld is the answer.

RimWorld is a strategy-themed game that has Sci-Fi elements in it that requires players to be able to manage a colony. In this game there are various kinds of characters that have different advantages and disadvantages. The fun in this game will increase because you are also required to collect various kinds of resources such as wood, stone, silver, gold, and various types of drugs to improve the quality of your colony. If you are a fan of the fantasy world, The Banner Saga 3 can be the best choice that is interesting to play on PC devices.

This game carries a story that the world is being enveloped by a darkness that haunts a race called Varl. This race is a human-like race with horns and a large body. Meanwhile, a threat emerges from an evil race named Dredge who will threaten the existence of this Varl. When you first play this game, you are required to choose two characters to play, namely Rook and Alette. Next you will follow their storyline and get involved in the quest to fight the darkness including the Dredge race.

In this game, the battle system that is carried is a type turn-based strategy so you and your opponent will attack alternately. Initially, Ember Lab’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits did not support offline mode on PC, however, the feature was patched in later down the line. A rare example of a modern AA title, Kena is a beautiful adventure game about a spirit guide investigating a corrupted forest and the Rot she collects along the way.

Kena takes a few pages from a number of other adventure games like Tomb Raider , using this inspiration to craft a familiar but engaging experience that does not overstay its welcome. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a great pick for those looking for a game that will keep them entertained for a long weekend.

It is beautiful, controls well, and doesn’t lack charm. After a stint in early access, Wildermyth made its full release in , and the RPG proved to be well worth the wait. The adaptive and flexible campaign is filled with stellar writing that makes each character feel alive rather than a collection of pre-chosen personality traits. Wildermyth ‘s tactical combat expertly walks the line between familiarity and innovation; while battles can initially seem rudimentary, the game reveals hidden depth as the campaign progresses.

Wildermyth does offer multiplayer as an option, but it is predominantly a single-player PC game. Meticulously recreating era-appropriate architecture, The Forgotten City instantly immerses players in a modest but engrossing world in which crime has been apparently eradicated through the threat of judgemental golden statues. Stripping out combat in favor of dialogue and tight character work, The Forgotten City wants players to get lost in its setting’s social climate.

The story utilizes a time-loop mechanic to slowly peel away the layers concealing this supposed utopia’s harrowing underbelly. Toby Fox’s RPG has established itself as one of the genre’s greatest representatives, and that goes beyond just indie titles.

Inspired by games such as Mother , Undertale cleverly examines and critiques the player’s actions as they interact with the inhabitants of the Underground, an area located within the Earth. Undertale might look simple on the surface, however, the charming 8-bit visuals hide an incredibly complex experience both in terms of story and gameplay. Undertale is one of those releases that everyone should try at one point or another, especially since it is quite cheap to purchase. Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s sequel to ‘s Subnautica spent a couple of years in early access before making its full release, and the wait was worth it.

Subnautica: Below Zero takes place in an awe-inspiring open-world that can also get terrifying really quick. A survival game with a strong sense of adventure, Subnautica: Below Zero takes place on planet B and follows Robin Ayou as she tries to learn what happened to her sister, Samantha. Like its predecessor, Below Zero is a gripping single-player game that rewards exploration.

After a long hiatus and a divisive spin-off, Capcom’s Devil May Cry made its glorious and stylish return in Similar to the fourth game, Nero and Dante are both playable in Devil May Cry 5 , and they are joined by a new character called V. All three fighters control very differently, with each one being given mechanics that set them apart from the crowd. Boasting high-octane hack and slash combat that is accessible but difficult to master, Devil May Cry 5 is endlessly replayable due to the sheer number of combos possible.

Newcomers to the series can start with this entry, although they should still seek out all the other games besides Devil May Cry 2 and, perhaps, DmC: Devil May Cry.

Some games are the definition of timeless, and System Shock 2 falls into that category. This does not mean the game has not aged in various ways, as it naturally has, but its strengths are so undeniable that they override any criticisms.

System Shock 2 is a horror RPG set in a starship, with the gameplay revolving around exploration and some combat. The plot is built up nicely through environmental storytelling and cutscenes, culminating in an unforgettable final act.

System Shock 2 is available on Steam and GOG, but the latter is a slightly better pick for offline play. Any fan of role-playing games owes it to themselves to give Disco Elysium a spin. Exploring philosophical and social themes, Disco Elysium follows a detective suffering from amnesia as they investigate a murder while trying to piece together their own backstory.

The base game was already fantastic, but The Final Cut update took it a step further by adding new voice acting and quests. Permitting the lack of combat is not a deal-breaker for a potential customer, Disco Elysium is a stellar RPG that offers fantastic writing, a fully-realized setting, and some of the best dialogue in gaming.

Slay the Spire, developed by MegaCrit Games, is a rare game that creates an entire subgenre around it. This time, the name of the game is deck-building rogue-lite. The player will select one of four distinct classes and attempt to climb to the top of the Spire and destroy it.

It’s a simple concept, and it’s really easy to pick up and play on any kind of PC. However, each run plays wildly differently due to the draft system of the cards. There are a ton of different synergies between cards, so the number of viable decks is massive.

Plus, with the added bonuses of Relics spicing things up, it’s equally easy to get disgustingly over-powered or just fizzle out on the first act. It may take a few runs to get the hang of it, but the thrill of getting that incredible run is unmatched. This game is one that can easily absorb countless hours and is totally worth it. Space-faring games often struggle to find their footing.

With a setting as vast as space itself quite literally , it’s very easy to get bloated and miss making a solid experience. However, that’s not a problem for Outer Wilds , a space exploration adventure game from Mobius Digital. This title will send the player across the galaxy, stuck in a never-ending loop. It’s incredibly atmospheric and loaded with moments that are equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying.

It’s also not a game that overstays its welcome, which is much appreciated for players that want a condensed experience. Plus, now that it’s no longer exclusive to the Epic Games Store, all PC players can check it out on their preferred platform.

Outer Wilds is a critical darling for a reason, and absolutely worth checking out. While not the most accessible entry in the genre, Frostpunk is a game everyone remotely interested in city builders should eventually get to. As The Captain, players must turn a group of strangers into a society, constructing a city in the process.

Survival is the name of the game here, and many difficult decisions will need to be made as people decide which buildings to prioritize and policies to enforce. Frostpunk is punishing, grueling, and stressful. Unlike other city builders, this game focuses more on its story, although it is still solid in the gameplay department. In a world of samey, top-down action roguelites, SuperGiant Games delivers an experience above any level of expectations with Hades.

It takes all the best parts of the studio’s previous titles and combines them with an expertly crafted rogue-lite.

As a game, Hades is tough but fair, and its progression systems are incredibly rewarding. Grinding out runs is a blast on their own. However, the special part of Hades is that the trademark storytelling of SuperGiant Games remains a strong point. As the player battles out of Hell, there’s a cast of colorful characters that have their own development over the course of the experience.

Roguelites tend to be weaker in the narrative department, but Hades makes sure that its story is as finely tuned as the rest of the experience.

It’s no understatement to say that this is SuperGiant’s magnum opus and worthy of a look from anyone who enjoys quality action games. Monster Train , developed by Shiny Shoe, is a game with a lot going on under the hood. At its core, it takes a lot of inspiration from Slay the Spire. However, this game isn’t some cheap knock-off; at times, it even surpasses Slay the Spire , and that’s a tough bar to clear.

Monster Train differentiates itself from Spire by taking cues from the tower defense genre. While the player still has attacks and spells at their command, the bulk of the game is recruiting and upgrading monsters to defend the pyre. As an edge on Spire , it’s often obvious at a glance what cards will work well together. This makes it a lot easier to start building winning strategies without sinking too many hours into the game. Monster Train is a game that will destroy the concept of time itself.

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a psychological adventure game that deals with mental health and grief. During the game’s reasonably short campaign, players witness Senua struggle against external and internal demons, crafting a deeply personal experience that works on multiple levels.

Hellblade is powerful and should be sought out by anyone interested in a story-driven title. The gameplay is not groundbreaking but it complements the story well, while also being quite intense at times. With a sequel on the way, this is the ideal time to play through Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

One noteworthy change to Civilization 6 is a “religion” condition that allows players to win the game by converting the world to their faith. As a turn-based real-time strategy game, Civilization 6 has few close competitors. Raising a civilization from the feudal ages to the modern era is too fun in Civilization 6. The game can be played offline for competitive matches against smart AI. Civilization 6 has relatively low requirements compared to other leading PC games.

This is one game you can’t miss! At first glance, Divinity: Original Sin 2 appears to take after games like Diablo 3 , yet it is so much more than a loot-based game. Divinity: Original Sin 2 masterfully incorporates RPG elements that blend well with its turn-based combats. The scale of the game is massive. Dialogue is engaging and most players can find something to appreciate in the game. Using a controller is easy and straightforward with this offline PC game.

There have been a ton of Indie games released in the modern age that have defied expectations and carved out their own chunk of the entertainment industry as proof that games don’t have to have an AAA budget to be a spectacular adventure.

Hollow Knight should be considered one of the poster children for this phenomenon, as it’s been gripping fans ever since its release back in The bug-based Metroidvania features gorgeous visuals, a punishing difficulty, and some of the most entertaining boss fights in recent years.

Even those that don’t love side-scrolling adventures or platformers find it hard to resist the charm that Team Cherry presents with Hollow Knight.

It’s an experience that all players should check out for themselves, at least once. Capcom amassed a great deal of goodwill with the release of Resident Evil 2 ‘s remake, a game so brilliant that it arguably set a new standard for the horror franchise. Delivering realistic visuals, impeccable gameplay, and a constant sense of tension, RE2 is a masterpiece on nearly every level, even eclipsing the original version in many ways.

Putting aside a few spin-offs, Resident Evil games are generally designed to be single-player experiences, and the remake is perfectly playable offline. For anyone who has yet to dip their toes into Capcom’s license or even horror games in general, Resident Evil 2 is one of the best places to start. The expansive world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can overwhelm players through its sheer scale.

This is a game where people can log hundreds of hours and still have something new to discover. The enemy, weapon, and town variety make the game a masterpiece. As an offline-only game , what The Witcher 3 does, it does perfectly. There is no need for online as it would only take away from the game. If you only play one role-playing game this year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a solid choice. Those looking for something a bit more relaxing than many of the high-octane hits found throughout this list can opt for Stardew Valley , an incredibly rich and detailed Indie game that features a surprising amount of depth.

Players will take over a dilapidated farm, working hard to restore it to its former glory and making friends along the way. There is something here for everyone, thanks to Stardew Valley ‘s dating sim elements , exploration, building mechanics, and combat for those seeking a little danger. This overlooked gem is a roguelike-Metroidvania that in some ways is comparable to the Dark Souls series. Players will have to combat fierce enemies while avoiding the obstacles of the game.

Falling into a pit of spikes can be frustrating, which is why not everyone will appreciate Dead Cells. Before playing Dead Cell s, it’s worth noting that the game is very unforgiving. As a roguelike, dying in the game forces players to start over from the beginning, and Dead Cells is harder than this subgenre’s average title. Neatly packaged in one collection on consoles but sold separately on Steam, the BioShock: The Collection offers remastered versions of all three games. The BioShock franchise is considered one of the greatest single-player trilogies in gaming.

Its refined gameplay mechanics combined with its story that twists and turns make it a must-play offline PC game. Doom is arguably the best attempt at a reimagining of the Doom franchise. The fast-paced combat combined with brutal kills is a first-person shooter game at its finest. The single-player campaign could be the highlight of Doom. The game is set on the planet Mars, which is too freaking cool. Doom Eternal , the sequel to Doom, is also a thrill ride from beginning to end and incorporates a few noteworthy changes to the gameplay.

For one, there is now a dodge mechanic. Believe it or not, Valve isn’t just the owner of the Steam storefront. Portal is one of the few Valve Corporation games that are single-player.


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The techs, the conflicts, the characters— it was unlike any of its contemporaries and, with only a few exceptions, nobody has really attempted to replicate it. There was an error. Of course, walking in anywhere is ill-advised in Mutant Year Zero, a game that hinges on you sneaking through large playpens to choose your angle of attack or pick off stragglers to thin the horde before noisy turn-based tactics commence. Umpteen games offer the fantasy of being a roguish spaceship pilot, but a childhood spent watching Star Trek might leave you with different life goals. As this game was directed by Yoko Taro, the story takes quite a few surprising turns and explores a range of philosophical themes.


Game strategy pc offline. The 12 Best Offline Strategy Games to Play


PC menjadi platform game strategy pc offline banyak menampung game ofcline, mulai dari bergenre RTS real time strategy ataupun TBS turn based strategy walaupun banyak juga game strategi yang dirilis di konsol. Game jenis ini memiliki penggemar fanatiknya sendiri, dan kebanyakan orang-orang dari generasi X hingga Y milenial. Game jenis ini menyajikan pertempuran antar beberapa kubu bisa 2 bahkan lebih.

Meski, penggemar game ini banyak dari kedua generasi tersebut, banyak developer game yang masih merilis game ini, dan ternyata generasi penerusnya banyak juga yang tertarik. Sobat game kali ini akan memberikan rekomendasi 7 game strategi perang PC terbaik offline yang bisa kamu mainkan tanpa harus terhubung internet. Nah, berikut daftarnya. StarCraft merupakan salah satu seri game strategi PC terbaik yang pernah ada dan juga sukses dalam penjualan. Blizzard melanjutkan hal tersebut dengan membuat sekuelnya yakni StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

Game stratefy masih mengusung gameplay Sstrategy tradisional di mana kamu membuat game strategy pc offline dan menghancurkan markas lawan.

Selain, mode skirmishnya yang bisa dimainkan dengan teman-temanmu melalui mode multiplayer, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty juga memiliki mode Campaign yang juga seru dimainkan dan diikuti ceritanya.

Blizzard bisa dikatakan sebagai rajanya RTS karena merilis kedua game perang yang game strategy pc offline manis di pasaran.

Selain StarCraft mereka juga membuat sebuah game bernama WarCraft yang mencapai sekuel ketiga. Game strategy pc offline sekuelnya akan dirilis ulang dengan grafik yang lebih baru dan lebih ciamik tentunya. Game ini juga mendapatkan animo yang besar di antara gamers di Indonesia pada saat awal dirilisnya. Pada awal an, game ini pasti kamu temukan di setiap warnet ataupun game center.

Kamu bisa memilih faksi di antaranya: The Human Alliance sebuah koalisi antara manusia, dwarf, dan peridan juga The Orcish Horde koalisi antara orc, troll, dan juga tauren berbentuk minotaur.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1. Seperti yang kita ketahui seri Total War menawarkan sebuah peperangan dengan jumlah besar.

Shogun 2: Total War mengambil tema di era zaman feodal Jepang di mana pergulatan antara ajaran budha dan kristen. Game ini menggabungkan game strategy pc offline turn based dan juga real time tactics. Pemain mengambil peran sebagai pemimpin klan dan juga jenderal. Kamu dituntut untuk mengatur tanah dan pasukan sesuai dengan giliran. Dan ketika di medan perang, kamu akan mengkontrolnya secara real-time. Jika kamu ingin bermain game strategi PC seperti Age of Empire yang mana kamu bisa meng-upgrade pasukan kamu melalui perkembangan zaman, Rise of Nation bisa menjadi alternatifnya bahkan offlibe dengan lebih baik dan lebih kompleks.

Zaman yang bisa kamu lalui adalah mulai dari zaman batu tsrategy zaman informasi di mana kamu download cleaner free ashampoo portable registry lawan kamu dengan menggunakan bom nuklir canggih.

Game ini menggabungkan mekanisme gameplay seperti Game strategy pc offline dan juga game RTS. Mungkin jika kamu lihat sekilas, Northgard merupakan game RTS biasa.

Akan tetapi game ini memiliki sistem tambahan yang lebih cerdas yang mana menuntut kamu untuk berstrategi tidak hanya ketika ingin berperang namun dalam menyiapkan pasokan bahan makanan.

Dalam game ini kamu harus game strategy pc offline bagaimana cuaca dan juga musim. Game ini pada dasarnya terinspirasi dari seri Age autodesk advance steel 2016 free download free download Empires dan juga Settlers sehingga bagi посмотреть еще veteran kedua game tersebut akan sedikit merasa familiar dengan game satu ini.

CPU: Windows 10 environment variables admin 2. Warhammer 40, merupakan salah stratgy game tabletop paling populer. Akan tetapi memainkan versi tabletopnya pastinya nggak murah. CPU: Intel 3. Urutan terakhir game strategi PC terbaik adalah Civilization. Berbeda dengan game-game yang kami stratdgy sebelumnya, Civilization VI ini hadir dengan gaya permainan turn based strategy yang mana membutuhkan waktu main lebih lama game strategy pc offline game RTS.

Game ini akan membawamu ke dalam dunia penuh evolusi dan intrik-intrik. Di sini kamu akan memilih beberapa bangsa dan kalian kembangkan dari zaman batu hingga ke zaman modern. Karena game ini bergaya turn based, kamu harus game strategy pc offline sabar memainkannya. Game ini memiliki kompleksitas tinggi dan membutuhkan game strategy pc offline berjam-jam untuk mengerti cara bermain game ini. Buat kamu orang yang suka taktik, game ini cocok banget. CPU: Intel Core i3 2. Apabila kamu gamers penggemar game strategi, kamu bisa mencoba game-game di atas.

Bahkan game di atas menyajikan gameplay yang menarik bagi para pemula. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Daftar Isi. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. WarCraft III. Rise of Nations. Warhammer 40, Dawn of War II. Civilization VI. Rise of Nations, sangat menarik dan menantang Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.